Our operational plan is a general overview of the nursery's ethos, goals and policies. It outlines the day-to-day aspects of our childcare and identifies the core aims of the nursery.

The full operational plan is available to download, and printed copies are available on request. A summary of the plan's outline of our aims is shown below.


At Bo Peep's, the quality of care and the happiness of your child is our main concern. We feel that enjoyable and interesting experiences are the key to positive attitudes towards learning, so the emphasis is on learning through fun.

A wide range of toys and resources are available to encourage the children to reach their full potential. Observations of the children are undertaken during their play to enable the staff to plan activities based on their interests and to widen their knowledge.

The nursery works to the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage). Our daily activities cover the seven areas of learning:

Our daily and weekly planning also cover the following themes:

• Unique child
• Positive relationships
• Enabling environments

In the two to five year age the nursery covers a weekly topic chosen by observing the children and recording their interests.

Our aim is to promote a learning environment both indoor and outdoor to give our children the ability to go on the next stage confidently when it is time for them to leave for "big school".